How do you get from an idea to a marketed drug? Part 1: Introduction session

The TRO invites you to a weekly series of webinars to explore the key steps in the discovery and development of new medicines, helping you to transform great ideas into successful innovations. You will be guided by successful scientists, entrepreneurs and experts through the key steps to successfully develop a new therapeutics idea into innovations that can change clinical practices and improve patient lives.
In this webinar series, we will explore the pre-clinical drug discovery process and identify where the value is in your project, what are the handover points from discovery to development, how to build a market and commercial strategy for your new drug candidate, how and when to engage with pharma, and how to develop a robust intellectual property and investment strategy.

The series will commence on 20th October 2021.


Week 1 (Oct 20th): Introduction session – How do you get from an idea to a marketed drug?
Week 2 (Oct 27th): Drug Discovery – Where to start, which data do I need, what is a validated target?
Week 3 (Nov 3rd ): Drug development
Week 4 (Nov 10th): Engaging with pharma
Week 5 (Nov 17th): Commercialisation strategies: what’s the business case?
Week 6 (Nov 24th): Investment opportunities: who funds what?