Pre-Purim Seminar in Jewish Studies - Yom Limmud

Oxford University Chabad Society cordially invites you to Pre-Purim Seminar in Jewish Studies – Yom Limmud

Exploring Jewish thought and the holiday of Purim through philosophy, history, mysticism, law, literature and spirituality.

14:00 Rabbi Eli Brackman (Oxford University Chabad Society)
‘Purim and the 18th century English Sephardic controversy involving Amsterdam Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Ashkenazi (1656-1718)’

14:20 Professor Ignacio Carbajosa (University of Madrid / Oxford)
‘A curious megillat Esther, or how to find a needle in a haystack’

Ignacio Carbajosa is Full Professor of the Hebrew Bible at San Dámaso University (Madrid). He completed his PhD at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome, 2005) with a dissertation entitled The Character of the Syriac Version of Psalms. A Study of Psalms 90-150 in the Peshitta (Leiden: Brill, 2008).

14:40 Trevor Stern (University of Oxford)

Trevor Stern received The Keasbey Scholarship to study at University of Oxford 2022-3, previously studied at Haverford College. Trevor is doing a Masters in Religion.

15:00 Dr Naftali Loewenthal (UCL)
‘Early Hasidic Teachings on Purim and Communal Leadership’

Naftali Loewenthal is a Lecturer (Teaching) at the Dept of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, UCL. He is author of Communicating the Infinite: the Emergence of the Habad School (Chicago, 1990) and his most recent book is Hasidism beyond Modernity, Studies in Habad Thought and History (Littmann Library).

15:20 Dr Ros Abramsky (Oxford)
‘Trunk cable’

Ros Abramsky is an Oxford researcher who studied Crystallography at Birkbeck, where she taught Science Communication, as well as at Imperial College. She completed her PhD in Information Science from Loughborough University.

15:40 Herbert Rimerman (University of Oxford)

Herbert holds a BA in Classics from Columbia University, where he studied Hebrew and Aramaic in addition to Greek and Latin. He received a Laidlaw Undergraduate Research Scholarship, which he used to study the production and circumscription of Jewish identity in Palestine throughout the Hellenistic period. In Oxford, he is pursuing an MPhil in Judaism and Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World.

16:00 Dr Israel Sandman (The British Library, Section of Asian and African Studies)
‘A medieval Jewish embrace of and critique of philosophy: Judah ha-Kohen’s Midrash ha-Ḥokma’

Dr Israel Sandman researches Hebrew manuscripts and premodern Jewish thought. Currently, he is cataloguing and researching the Archive of Hakham Ezra Reuben Dangoor, Chief Rabbi of Baghdad one century ago.

16:20 Dr Daniel Rand (University of Oxford)

16:40 Josh Lasry (University of Oxford)

Josh is an MPhil Law Candidate at Oxford University, serving also as an editor of the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal. He previously studied law at McGill University.

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