Alternative Careers: A Roundtable Discussion with Naturejobs

Hosted by Science Innovation Union with permission from Department of Biochemistry

Science Innovation Union is pleased to welcome Naturejobs editor Jack Leeming for a round-table discussion that will focus on alternative careers for scientists. The key points of this interactive session will be the current career trends for scientists in the UK, a comparison of these trends with the rest of the developed world, the ability of scientists to translate their own ideas into independent careers in industry and academia and the risks and advantages to be aware of when making decisions.

One of Jack’s main duties at Nature Publishing Group is running the Naturejobs blog. The blog aims to be the leading online resource for scientists in academia and industry who seek guidance in developing their careers. It delivers a mix of expert advice with personal stories to help readers review, set and achieve their career goals.

The event will also include the awards ceremony for the writing competition SIU held in partnership with Naturejobs and finish with a drinks and networking session.