The Construction of the Civil Service in China: Issues and Suggestions

Talks are delivered in Mandarin, followed by bilingual Q&As

Party politics and civil service are common features of modern states. After the reform and opening-up took place in Deng’s era, the Party-state began to construct its civil service. From the provisional regulations of the state civil service in 1993 to the Civil Service Law of 2006 and then to the revision of the Civil Service Law in 2019, the process lasted for 30 years. The construction of China’s civil service has much in common with the civil service in other countries, but it has its uniqueness as well as many problems. Professor Guirong Mao argues that the Chinese civil service has been grafted in the Party’s cadre system and failed to become a standardized and effective modern civil service system. Professor Mao also offers a few suggestions to reform the Chinese civil service.