OxFOS - Is the future an open book? - Long form research and Open Access

Long form research, including monographs, is starting to feature in research funder policy mandates. UK Research and Innovation have announced a monographs component to their open access policy, starting from 2024. Traditional approaches to publishing can risk limiting open access to those who can afford to pay, and which disproportionately affects scholars from arts, humanities, and social sciences disciplines.

This session will explore alternative approaches and new revenue models for publishing. Chaired by Professor Chris Wickham, you will hear from a range of speakers who are involved in supporting the transition to open monographs. This session will:

Give a critical overview of the current drivers and broader context behind OA for long form research.

Explore alternatives to OA book fees.

Explain how new initiatives and business models, such as the Open Book Collective and Opening the Future (COPIM) and Direct to Open (MIT Press) can play a role.

Hear from established publishers, including scholarly societies, on how they are adapting to and supporting the changes.

Discuss both the opportunities and the problems associated with OA book publishing.