El Sueño Monárquico de Francia: La Cuestión Americana y los Cien Mil Hijos de San Luis (1822-23)

Gonzalo Butrón is associate professor of Modern History at the University of Cádiz (Spain). He has been academic visitor at the University of Oxford within the framework of Salvador de Madariaga Mobility Programme (Spain). He holds a PhD in Modern History from University of Cadiz (1995), and has conducted extensive research on Spain’s transition to Liberalism and its transnational implications. Currently, he is working in a research project on The American Policy of Liberal Triennium (1820-3). He has published several works on the Peninsular War (2014), the European impact of 1812 Spanish Constitution (2006) and the French occupation of Spain between 1823-8 (1996), as well as book chapters and articles: produccioncientifica.uca.es/investigadores/112215/detalle.

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