Michelaɴɢʟo: sculpting protein views on webpages without coding

Michelaɴɢʟo is an easy to use and open-source website (michelanglo.sgc.ox.ac.uk) where one can create sharable, customisable and secure pages that use the NGL library to display the protein interactively. The starting point is a PyMOL file, PDB file, PDB identifier code or protein/gene name. The key feature is the ability to create hyperlinks that control the protein view — all without requiring any coding knowledge. Additionally, the generated pages contain instructions on how to implement the interactive views on one’s own pages. Within our group, using Michelaɴɢʟo has proven far more effective than text and static images to show non-biochemists the predicted strength or weakness of a mutation. Therefore, we hope this tool will allow more biochemists to utilise interactive protein views.