TGF-beta, Immune cells and Microbiota: three ingredients to control gut inflammation and colorectal cancer development

Julien C. Marie is professor at the University Lyon 1 and director of research at Inserm. He obtained is PhD in 2002 at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, working on immunosuppression induced by Measles virus (Nature Immunology 2002, Immunity 2001). Granted of a Human Frontier Fellowship, Dr Marie then joined Prof Alexander Rudensky lab where he investigated the role of TGF-b on T cell Biology (Immunity 2006, J Exp Med 2005). In 2006, Dr Marie obtained a researcher position at Inserm and started his own group focused on TGF-b and the regulation of the immune system. Since then, Dr Marie lab revealed that TGF-b affects the biology of different T cell subsets including NKT cells ( J.Exp.Med 2009), cytotoxic CD8 T Cells (Nature Com 2014, Immunity 2012,) or TFH cells (J. Clin Invest 2014) with direct consequences on autoimmune responses and pathogen elimination. In addition, the Marie Lab assigned a crucial role for TGF-b on Foxp3 regulatory T cells biology (J. Exp.Med 2005 Immunity 2015). The laboratory of Dr Marie is settled in the Immunology, virology and Inflammation department of the Cancer Research Center of Lyon, France and affiliated with the tumor Immunology department of the DKFZ in Heidelberg, Germany