OUCAGS Forum May 2016

All are welcome to attend the OUCAGS Forum series, which comprises a series of talks on current research projects combined with lunchtime skills sessions and talks by guest speakers. It provides an opportunity for OUCAGS’ Foundation doctors, Academic Clinical Fellows and Clinical Lecturers to share and discuss research ideas, findings and know-how – amongst themselves and with others interested in clinical research

Roy, N
“Accurate, clinical-grade diagnosis and improved patient management for rare inherited anaemias”

Legg, R
“Assessing splicing and isoform variation in relation to T2DM traits”

Manley, O
“Genetic risk score predicts high risk features and multiple operations in Dupuytren’s disease”

Mathy, A
“Excitatory synaptic transmission in Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis”

Gillies, M
“Oscillations from the deep: what human electrophysiology recordings tell us about dorsal anterior cingulate cortex function”

Topiwala, A
“Cognitive resilience in the Whitehall II cohort”

Grant funding session:

The basics of costing a grant application
Tricia Murkin (Senior Research Finance Officer, University of Oxford)

Post-award considerations: what can go wrong?
Martin Holt (Grant Manager, NDORMS) and Clotilde Levecque (Grants Manager, WIMM)