Digital Media: 5 ways to get started with podcasting (online)

How do you share practice and foster innovation in the age of social media fragmentation? What supports and amplifies peer-learning and knowledge exchange between practitioners as social media platforms like X become increasingly hostile spaces? This short talk examines how the changes in social media impact academic practice and highlights alternative media such as podcasts as a way to share practice and explore ideas.

Podcasts have grown in popularity over the past decade, with many easy to use tools for their production and consumption. In 2022 50 percent of respondents in the US aged 12 to 34 years old had listened to a podcast within the preceding month and 79 percent of U.S. consumers aged 12 years or above are aware of podcasting, up by more than 30 percent from a decade ago. Their use in education is expanding, with Shamburg (2021) reporting that educators have used them to discuss topics in a more informal way.

In this short talk, delivered by Dr Maren Deepwell, former Chief Executive of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT), coach, and author of Leading Virtual Teams, we will explore 5 ways to develop your own professional practice in podcasting and explore ways of connecting with audiences beyond social media.