Patents and Intellectual Property Law

Patent work and intellectual property offer interesting work for scientists who enjoy using their science away from the bench.

But what is the differences between the two professions? This is a great opportunity to hear from a patent attorney and an intellectual property solicitor about what the work is like, how they use their science on a day to day basis and learn tips for getting into these professions.

Our two speakers are:

Dr Craig Lumb, Senior Associate (IP Solicitor), Carpmaels & Ransford

Dr Andreas Hansele, Technical Assistant (Trainee Patent Attorney) Carpmaels & Ransford
I read Biochemistry at Brasenose followed by a DPhil at the Dunn School, where I was supervised by Profs. Susan Lea and Jordan Raff. During my DPhil, I worked on characterising proteins that form the centrosome, with a particular focus on using X-ray crystallography to understand their structure. I was also on the Clarendon Scholars’ Council during my time at Oxford. After completion of my DPhil, I joined Carpmaels as a Technical Assistant (i.e. trainee patent attorney), where my role focusses on helping biotech companies obtain patents in order to protect their inventions.