Logistics and Infrastructure, InSIS-COMPAS Workshop

Capitalism today is not just a question of commodification but also of logistification, which transforms not just the movement of materials but of migrants, tourists, ideas and data. Logistification presumes material infrastructures (instruments, cables, concrete channels) and less tangible infrastructures (tacit knowledge, standards). Bringing together scholars and activists across anthropology, cultural theory, geography, STS and media studies, this workshop will explore the relations of infrastructure and logistics through lenses including labour, capital, conflict and ecology. We will encourage discussions of power in a field conventionally claimed as an apolitical site of efficient administration. What kind of transformations of time are taking place? What kind of cultural documentation of this moment is possible?

The workshop is organised by Sophie Haines and Scott Lash, and supported by InSIS and COMPAS, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford.

Participants include: * Laura Bear (LSE) * Xiang Biao (Oxford) * Jamie Cross (Edinburgh) * Sophie Haines (Edinburgh) * Michael Keith (Oxford) * Scott Lash (Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing) * Maurizio Lazzarato * Javier Lezaun (Oxford) * Jiechen Liu (Communication University of China) * Noortje Marres (Warwick) * Hyun Bang Shin (LSE) * Martin Skrydstrup (Copenhagen Business School) * Nicole Starosielski (NYU) * Anna Lora Wainwright (Oxford) * Zhao Yimin (Renmin)