Introduction to Mindfulness in Politics

DPIR invites all students and staff to take part in an introduction to evidence-based mindfulness, in two steps:
1) 29 January, 10am-12:30pm: Everyone is invited to an introductory session which will begin with an introduction to mindfulness in politics by a senior member of the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group in the UK Parliament. This will be followed by an interactive ‘how to’ workshop offering participants practical, effective mindfulness methods which can be incorporated into daily life to manage stress and promote resilience and wellbeing.
2) Following the introductory session participants can sign-up for 3 further group sessions (1.5 hours each) to deepen their experience and understanding of mindfulness, explore its utility for increasing wellbeing and managing stress and overload at work and in studying, Participants will learn a variety of evidence-based mindfulness practices, the theory behind them, and how to integrate them into their day. Voluntary contribution: £10 for the 3 sessions.

Context: In October 2017, 40 politicians from 15 countries gathered at Westminster to practice mindfulness together and inquire into the potential of mindfulness in policymaking and the political process. 170 MPs and members of the House of Lords have completed an 8-week mindfulness course, and subsequently produced the Mindful Nation Report. Research has shown that mindfulness practice reduces stress, increases happiness, and improves the ability to concentrate and collaborate.

The Programme: The DPIR mindfulness programme has been customized specifically for our department and will be led by Sophie Maclaren, Mindfulness and Leadership Expert in Residence at the Said Business School. It has been developed by the Kalapa Leadership Academy established to contribute to research on mindfulness in the workplace and mindful leadership through evidence-based mindfulness programmes. It is based at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre where it operates as a separate entity. The programme is being used by the European Commission, and governments of Dubai, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well as more than 50 companies including Jaguar Land Rover, Nuffield Health, and HSBC. A pilot programme was held last year at Harvard’s Kennedy School and It is currently taught as a 13 module series ‘Mindfulness in Business Leadership’ for MBAs at Said Business School.