WHG Lunchtime Lab Talks: Bonsall & Choudhury Groups

There is no need to register if you are a member of the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics. For anyone from a different unit who would like to attend in person please email isabel.schmidt@well.ox.ac.uk at least 2 days in advance stating who you are and your affiliation. You will need to bring your University card to show at reception and sign in and out of the building. If you would like to join the talks online there is no need to register.

Bonsall Group 12:30-13:00
Speaker 1: David Bonsall
Title: “HIV Antiretroviral Therapy Resistance in Sub-Saharan Africa”
Speaker 2: Nick Grayson
Title: “Enrichment sequencing and Probe Designs for Pandemic Preparedness”

Choudhury Group 13:00-13:30
Speaker: Kshitij Mohan
Title: “Using single cell techniques to study the roles of immune cells and endothelial cells in cardiac regeneration in neonatal mice”