Embrace Dialogue Academia Seminar 7: A New Cycle of War in Colombia?

In this seminar Prof. Francisco Gutiérrez presents his latest book, “A New Cycle of War in Colombia?”, with comments from Prof. Jenny Pearce.

+ Presenter: Prof. Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín, Institute of Political Studies and International Relations, National University of Colombia

+ Discussant: Prof. Jenny Pearce, Research Professor at the LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre

+ Convener: Dr. Gwen Burnyeat, Junior Research Fellow in Anthropology, Merton College & member of Embrace Dialogue

The signing of the Peace Agreement with the FARC marked a turning point in the inertia of Colombia’s counterinsurgent warfare, but its implementation is on the rocks. Acts of violence and associated phenomena are on the rise, and although its patterns are still unclear, the media is beginning to name this new political reality, ‘the new violence’. Are we in a period of transition? Are we seeing a third phase of the Colombian conflict? In this seminar, Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín’s presents his book, ‘Un nuevo ciclo de guerra en Colombia?’ (Debate, 2020), which suggests answers to these questions, emphasising the danger the country faces if the Peace Agreement remains unfulfilled, while maintaining hope in the possibility of preserving the gains made.

Date And Time
Fri, 14 May 2021
17:00 – 19:00 BST

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This event will be in English.