The Politics of Agrarian Reform in Southern Chile, 1970-1973

Claudio Robles (Ph.D., University of California, Davis), studies the economic, social, and political history of Chilean rural society from the 1850s to the present. In the area of political history, he examines the agrarian reform (1967-73) as an experience of politicization and radical mobilization in rural society, along with its impact on local and national politics. Currently, he is researching the National Agricultural Society’s response to the Popular Unity’s agrarian
policy as part of large landowners’ political opposition to the “Chilean road to socialism”. Claudio Robles’ publications include “A Peripheral Mediterranean: The Early ‘Fruit Industry’ in Chile (1910-1940),” Historia Agraria (2010) and
“Agrarian Capitalism and Rural Labour: The Hacienda System in Central Chile, 1870-1920”, Journal of Latin American Studies (2009).