Estimating the benefits of environmental protection and sustainable water resources infrastructure development on the economic growth of Uganda

Kenneth Strzepek is a Research Scientist at MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, Adjunct Professor of Public Policy at Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and Professor Emeritus of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado, Professor Strzepek has spent over 40 years as a researcher and practitioner at the nexus of engineering, environmental and economics systems.

He has worked for a range of national governments as well as the United Nations, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and USAID. He was a lead author on the Second and Fifth IPCC Assessment, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the World Water Vision, and the UN World Water Development Report. He was the USAID Scientific Liaison Office on Water and Climate Change to the CGIAR.

He was an Arthur Maass-Gilbert White Fellow at the Institute for Water Resources of the US Army Corps of Engineer and received the Department of Interior Citizen’s Award for Innovation in the applications of Systems Analysis to Water Management, is a co-recipient of the Zayed International Prize for the Environment and as a lead author for IPCC he is a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. He graduated from MIT with a S.B. in 1975, a S.M. in 1977, and a Ph.D. in Water Resource Engineering, as well an M.A. in Economics in 2004 from the University of Colorado and is a PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of Hamburg.