Macronutrient Cycles

A Science Meeting to mark the completion of the NERC Macronutrient Cycles Programme:

The Macronutrient Cycles Programme has been a £10.55 million investment by the Natural Environment Research Council, with 11 universities and 4 research institutes investigating: ‘How do we quantify the scales and spatial/temporal variation of nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes and cycles under a changing climate and perturbed carbon cycle?’

This meeting at the Royal Society will present the results of the research and also address the key issues for Policy Makers and Stakeholders in Government and Catchment Management at scales from local to national. We have also invited key international researchers to present their research.

See draft agenda for further details:

The meeting starts at 1pm on 15 June and finishes at 4pm on 16 June. The registration cost of £130 covers includes all refreshments, a reception on 15 June and lunch on 16 June.

Note – spaces are limited, so sign up as soon as possible.