Wollheim on Pictorial Expression

Regular attendees should note the earlier than usual start time and change of venue - enter St John's at the Kendrew Quad entrance. This seminar is joint with the Richard Wollheim Centenary Project -- see https://wollheimcentenary.org/programme-of-events/. Please register at wollheimcentenary@gmail.com confirming your status as academic (includes students), mental health practitioner, or other (please specify).

This introductory talk will give an outline of Richard Wollheim’s work aimed at a non-specialist audience and those coming to it for the first time. I will adumbrate some of the ways in which Wollheim explores what it means, and what it is, to live the life of a person. Wollheim’s ‘critical existentialism’ unites (if it doesn’t necessarily unify) his fictional and philosophical texts.