Gauss’s diary, Riemann’s Hypothesis, and Klein’s letters: the central archive for mathematics bequests in Göttingen

The Central Archive for Mathematics Bequests was established in 1992, based on an agreement between the German Mathematical Society and the Göttingen State and University Library. It was built upon the rich inventory that was created from collections of documents, manuscripts, and other archival resources, donated as bequests (Nachlässe) to Göttingen’s university library. For example, the Nachlässe of Abraham Gotthelf Kästner, Tobias Mayer, Carl Friedrich Gauss, and Bernhard Riemann as well as the so-called Mathematiker-Archiv, an archival collection of papers of notable mathematicians started by Felix Klein, were already present in Göttingen. Today, the archive houses a vast collection of documents and archival material of more than 60 mathematicians.

In this talk, I will address present activities at the archive and will provide some examples in order to give an impression of the value of the vast collection for the history of mathematics. Moreover, I will share some ideas on future projects.