“Hurricanes Roar Poetry: Celebrating Black Poetry in Western Spirituality” (week 2)

This series collaborative on-line ONLY series between the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture and Sarum College, Salisbury, aims to shine a light on the integral role of Black poetic voices in the development of western, and particularly British, spirituality. It will reflect on the evolution of a culture that has Grime artists releasing worship songs and gospel choirs in royal weddings and coronations. These events invite prominent poetic and theological voices to reflect on their own work and on the art that has inspired them, through a mixture of readings, interviews and Q+A.

In the second session Dr Beth Dodd and Father Jarel Robinson-Brown will discuss the process of compiling a collection of meditations on Black Poetry and its contribution to British spiritual life. They will reflect on their own positionality, on the poetry that inspires them, and on the evolution of a society that has gospel choirs in royal weddings and coronations, and Grime artists releasing worship songs.