Role of subchondral bone in osteoarthritis

Special Visiting Scientist Seminar

Cartilage damage which characterizes osteoarthritis is accompanied with bone lesions. Joint integrity results from the balance in the physiological interactions between bone, cartilage and synovium. Local factors regulate the remodelling of cartilage, in particular secreted by bone cells suggesting their role in the dialogue between both tissues. Used animal models to assess the mechanism of cartilage loss, we showed the role of bone resorption and Wnt signalling molecules in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. Moreover, we described the role of hypoxia in the maintenance of cartilage integrity.
Martine COHEN-SOLAL studied medicine at the University of Paris and specialized in Rheumatology in 1990. She also has been trained for bone disease and histomorphometry in the lab of Dr Parfitt in Detroit.
She is currently teaching of cell biology at the university Paris 7 and is a rheumatologist in Lariboisiere hospital in Paris. She is the director of the Inserm U1132 research unit “Bone and joints” (
She is a Board member of the European Calcified Tissues Society and the director of the Grants and awards committee. She is a member of the editorial Board of the JBMR.
Her scientific interests are the physiopathology of bone fragility using clinical and basic approachs and the interaction between bone and cartilage in osteoarthritis.