How to stitch ethnography

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Stitching ethnography is engendered, first as an empirical need to understand the continuity between textile materialities and bodies who embroider, and second as a methodological device with which to study collectively and in the making how our bodies feel and connect. As an initial discovery, learning how to stitch shows the ethnographer how her body knows and listens differently when immersed in the textile-making. This learning process creates an intimate atmosphere in which the ethnographer relates with those she studies (embroiderers and embroideries), and is invited, then, to explore how stitching with others or inviting others to stitch can unfold new questions with which together we stich what we are trying to understand ethnographically. In this process, embroidering learning as a device transforms from an object to study ethnographically into an artifact with which to ask new ethnographic questions.

Bio: Tania is a feminist anthropologist working on technologies and knowledge dialogues. She currently focuses her research interests on handmade textiles as technologies of knowledge and care. Tanis is a co-founder of Artesanal Tecnológica and works at the School of Gender Studies at the National University of Colombia. She is interested in transdisciplinary work from which to explore methodologies that enable transformative research and pedagogies.