Hands-on History: Gaming Peripherals Past and Present

Have you ever wished that you could put down your controller and experience video games in a whole new way? At this event we take you into the world of gaming peripherals: whether you’re making your next masterpiece in Mario Paint with the SNES mouse or rocking out on Guitar Hero with the guitar controllers, these gaming peripherals add a novel layer of immersion, and a different way to interact with the screen in front of you.

Hands-on History: Gaming Peripherals Past and Present is an interactive and historical adventure through the past 50 years of gaming from the 1980s to today. Expect to experience block stacking with R.O.B the Robot, musical jams with Donkey Konga, a real Mario Kart circuit with remote control karts, and much more!

The event also includes a panel of industry professionals, and an introduction from Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt FRS.

This event is supported by JoyPad. To find out more visit www.joypadbar.co.uk

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

We look forward to welcoming you to an evening of gaming, history, and pure nostalgia!

Suitable for ages 12+