Public procurement: Navigate transparency, inclusion and integrity

This is a hybrid event.

How to best use public resources? The complexity of this question is one that top practitioners worldwide constantly grapple with.

Procurement, the process by which public authorities purchase goods and services from private actors, is a crucial component in delivering public goods and services. However, the large amount of resources changing hands also creates the opportunity (and temptation) for deviation of purpose, and the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. This, in turn, sets up design and monitoring challenges for government. Meanwhile, procurement is also an opportunity for policymakers to pursue the economic empowerment and inclusion of traditionally excluded groups, including women.

Join our distinguished experts Sope Williams, Anna Petherick, Lloydette Bai-Marrow and Mihaly Fazekas for a panel discussion that delves into critical factors such as favouritism, gendered networks, government spending efficiency, when and how to use transparency, big data analysis, and the role of regulatory frameworks in either promoting or hindering efforts to improve procurement practices. Following the panel discussion, there will be an open Q&A session where attendees can engage directly with the experts. For those attending in person, there will be a prize draw for the book Routledge Handbook of Public Procurement Corruptionon co-edited by Sope Williams.

This event is hosted by the Lemann Foundation Programme.