Decoding the African COVID-19 Paradox: Why was Africa spared from the impact of COVID-19?

A special online seminar hosted by Medical Humanities, the Pandemic Sciences Institute, and AfOx

Contrary to widespread speculations of doom, Africa was surprisingly the least affected continent by COVID-19, exhibiting the lowest morbidity and mortality rates. This lunchtime workshop will discuss preliminary research into Africa’s relatively low death rates, as well as the pandemic’s impact on Africa and how its experience might inform global health policy and practice. Dr Tolulope Osayomi is a lecturer in the Department of Geography at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and an AfOx Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford 2023-24. His research focuses on spatial epidemiology, global health, and the geography of pandemics. From 2020-2021, he led the Covid-19 Mapping Lab at the University of Ibadan’s Department of Geography.