From Academic Research to a Career in Arts, Culture and Heritage

Join us for a dynamic 1-hour discussion featuring panellists who have successfully transitioned from doctoral and post-doctoral academic journeys to thriving careers in the Arts, Culture, and Heritage industry.

Whether you’re intrigued by curatorial roles in museums, passionate about preserving cultural heritage, or drawn to the vibrant world of the arts, this session will provide insights, anecdotes, and practical advice.

The panellists will share their personal stories, emphasising the wealth of opportunities available outside academia and how your academic expertise can be a powerful asset in these roles.

Dr Mai Musie – Ancient Historian and Public Engagement Specialist – Freelance – - The different roles reflect Mai’s professional background as an ancient historian and public/community engagement specialist. The key skills involved are supporting impact that comes out of university research, evaluating knowledge exchange activities, and working towards an equitable engagement practice between universities and external communities. Mai did Classical Civilisation BA degree, Ancient History for Masters and PhD – all at Swansea University. As an active researcher Mai explores race and ethnicity in the ancient world, investigating how the ‘Other’ is represented in ancient Greek and Roman literary sources. Since leaving university Mai has organised and consulted on history and heritage projects that foster co-curation and co-production. Mai enjoys communicating stories of the ancient world for modern audiences through tv, radio, podcast, and interviewing writers and actors. Mai is a trustee of: Classics for All, the Roman Society, and Actors of Dionysus.

Dr Alexa Frost – Archivist – Blenheim Palace – As Archivist at Blenheim Palace, Alexa is responsible for developing and implementing procedures to manage Blenheim’s heritage and records, ensuring that their historically valuable documents and modern records are preserved and organised to the highest professional standards. Alexa provides archival material for Blenheim’s restoration projects, exhibitions, education workshops and marketing opportunities. Alexa completed Classics degrees at St Anne’s, Oxford (BA), University of Bristol (MA) and Royal Holloway, University of London (PhD). Alexa also holds an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies and a degree in Archives and Records Management (University of Dundee). Alexa has previously worked in Public Relations and Customer Service.

Dr Oliver Cox – Head of Academic Partnerships -The V&A Museum – Head of Academic Partnerships at the V&A, responsible for building a global network of higher education partners to enable the V&A to deliver its mission is to champion design and creativity in all its forms, advance cultural knowledge, and inspire makers, creators and innovators everywhere. Also holds a British Academy Innovation Fellowship through to June 2024, which will enable closer collaboration between the V&A and the National Trust. Olly is a historian by training, and received his undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Oxford. His doctorate explored the Cult of Alfred the Great in England and America between 1640 and 1800. Olly joined the V&A from the University of Oxford, where he created his job of Heritage Engagement Fellow.