Spotl:ght: Illuminating Engineering

Revealing the ground-breaking research that is helping to improve our lives and expand our horizons

If you think engineering is all about building bridges and skyscrapers, this show is for you! If you want to know how engineers are helping to tackle climate change and fight infections, this show is for you! If you want to learn how engineering can help us explore space… you get the picture!
Hear from some of Oxford’s most innovative and enthusiastic engineers how advances are being made in treating back pain with engineered materials…. how understanding how we use our energy could reduce our carbon footprint… how brain implants work at night…. and how origami will help us explore space!

After six short illuminating TEDx style talks, you’ll be ready to astound your friends and family with the answers to these fascinating conundrums: * Origami in orbit: How could foldable structures redefine space exploration? * What secrets are hidden in your energy data (and do they hold the key to a zero carbon lifestyle)? * Can a gas be used to reduce infection? * Can we train a machine to learn like a human? * How does sleep affect brain implants? * How can engineering help treat back pain?