Doping Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Free refreshments at 3:30pm. Talk begins at 4pm.

Doping a few impurity atoms in semiconductor host nanocrystals can strongly influence the crystal growth and its properties. Hence, doping has been widely used as an efficient approach for obtaining new functional nanomaterials and also study of fundamentals of crystal growth in solution. However, placing odd dopant ions in a small volume of host nanocrystal lattice remain challenging.

Selection of dopants and hosts cannot be random as they need compatibility and also this is chosen as per the desire of obtaining specific property on the host material. This talk would present the doping of optically active dopants in various quantum confined semiconductor host nanocrystals for the evolution of dopant induced optical emission in a new spectral window. This would show the magic activity of the power of few impurity atoms for hijacking the original host emission in different systems. In addition, the chemistry of how to dope a semiconductor nanocrystal and its influence on the crystal growth would also be elaborately presented.