Diversity Interventions 2022: Towards a Science and Profession of Athena Swan

Athena Swan is an influential global movement for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in higher education and research organisations. Established in the UK in 2005 and run by Advance HE, the Athena Swan framework has now been adopted in Ireland, Australia (SAGE), United States (SEA Change), and Canada (Dimensions) and a pilot is underway in India (GATI). The University of Oxford was a founder member of the Athena Charter. Currently, over 40 academic departments accross Medical Sciences, MPLS, Social Sciences, and Humanities hold Athena Swan awards.

At “Diversity Interventions 2022: Towards a Science and Profession of Athena Swan”, Athena Swan professionals, researchers, SAT members, and advocates from across the world will unite to share best practice, discuss emerging innovations, and exchange personal experiences in designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions and action plans. You’ll learn how others are leading the way and have an opportunity to share your work in a structured conference abstract.

Both research- and practice-based abstracts are invited on all aspects of designing, implementing, and evaluating gender equality, diversity, and inclusion interventions and action plans: diversityinterventions.org/abstract-submission Regardless of whether delegates are able to attend in person, all accepted abstracts will be published in BMC Proceedings – an online open access journal devoted specifically to conference publications of a cross- or multi-disciplinary nature.

Further information about registration and abstract submission: diversityinterventions.org