Advantages of Academic and Industry Research: Are They So Different, and Do They Lead to Expected Results? Can Things Go Wrong?

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While at the University of Geneva, I focused on researching leukocyte migration and vascular biology in the context of inflammatory diseases and cancer. Our work led to the discovery and subsequent study of various adhesion molecules, including CD31, JAM-C, Olfml-3, and integrins, all of which play critical roles in these biological functions. As a result of our research, the university has filed several patents encompassing monoclonal antibodies (e.g., those that block JAM-C and Olfml-3) and small molecules that target CD31. Building upon this foundation, multiple start-up companies have been established. I aim to examine how innovation and project-oriented research are managed in our academic laboratory, start-up companies, and large pharmaceutical industries by drawing upon real-world examples.