Documentary film screening: Antoine the Fortunate (WWI in the Ottoman Empire)

“Antoine the Fortunate” is a feature length documentary film coinciding with the WWI Centenary. It is based on a soldier’s eyewitness account of life in the Austro-Hungarian Army while stationed in Istanbul and Palestine during WWI.

The soldier, Antoine Köpe, left behind a memoir and a remarkable collection of letters, photographs, drawings, sound recordings and home movies that have never before been published. Given that his brother Taib was the Palace photographer, the memoirs contain hundreds of never before seen photographs.

The documentary film “The Memoirs of Antoine Köpe” will draw from a carefully blended balance of contemporary footage of historical sites in Turkey and the Middle East, archival photographs and moving images, home videos, newsreels, and images of important artifacts. Animation and graphic effects will be deployed thoughtfully to enhance narrative impact and to help maintain a sense of intimacy in relation to Köpe’s life experience.

Professor Nefin Dinç studied Economics at Ankara University, Political Science Faculty. She has a Masters degree on Media and Culture from John Logie Baird Centre, Stratclyde University, Glasgow and a MFA degree on documentary filmmaking from University of North Texas. She has taught documentary filmmaking at State University of New York at Fredonia between the years 2005 – 2013. Nefin Dinç was also the Project Director of Youth Filmmaking Project, teaching young Turkish students how to make short films on democracy and human rights. Nefin Dinç has produced seven documentary films until now and “Antoine the Fortunate” is her latest documentary film. The documentary is being screened on European TV channels right now. The website for this project is:

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