Speedy Sandscapes: TED-style talks

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change

What? TED-style talks from current DPhil and Postdoctoral researchers, based on the theme of ‘Sandscapes’

When? Wednesday 2nd Dec (8th week), 4:30 pm

Where? EW Gilbert Room, SoGE

Why? An ideal opportunity for undergraduate and Masters students to get a flavour for the sort of research that postgraduates are undertaking in the department. There will also be a drinks trolley!

Lineup: – ‘Dating the world’s largest golf course’ (Catherine Buckland) – ‘FeBreeze – Fertilizes Oceans and Freshens’ (Andrew Dansie) – ‘Winds over northern Africa: What’s missing?’ (Sebastian Engelstaedter) – ‘The Sands of Time: Sand ramps as palaeoenvironmental archives’ (Alex Rowell) – ‘Get Up, Sand Up: Rasters in the desert’ (Jerome Mayaud) – ‘Modelling the Dustscape: A Very Short Introduction’ (Ian Ashpole)