Black Women at Oxford: Exhibition Launch

The exhibition will be free to attend, and open to all in the Hub, throughout October.

Part of Black History Month, Kellogg alumna Urvi Khaitan’s annual Black History Month Exhibition presents a glimpse into untold histories of Black women at Oxford. Now in its third iteration, this year’s exhibition features ten women of African, Caribbean, Black British, and African American heritage, using photographs, biographies, and writings to bring to life their unique journeys, struggles, and experiences at Oxford and beyond.

About Urvi
Kellogg alumna Urvi Khaitan recently completed a DPhil in History. She has been curating the Black History Month exhibition since 2021 as part of her efforts to facilitate access to untold histories of the earliest students of colour at the University of Oxford. She is a social historian researching the economics of gender in South Asia.