Gut Macrophages Modulate Body-First Synucleinopathies

Dr. Tim Bartels received his PhD in Biophysics from the Technical University Munich in 2008 (under Johannes Buchner and Christian Haas) and completed his postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School with Dennis Selkoe in 2011, where he was also appointed his first faculty positions (2012-2019). Since 2018 he is leading the program “Structure-Function Relationship in Neurodegeneration” at the Dementia Research Institute at the University College London. His lab is dedicated to the study of the different forms of the presynaptic protein alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Multiple System Atrophy. Additionally, his lab interested in novel context specific pathways of protein folding/misfolding & the involvement of lipids and non-neuronal cells in neurodegeneration.