Popular Consumers: Foreign Goods, Citizenship and the Politics of Consumption in Nineteenth-Century Colombia

Ana María Otero-Cleves, D.Phil Oxon, is an Associate professor at Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) and a Visiting Scholar at the Center of Latin American Studies, at Cambridge (2018). She specializes in the history of nineteenth-century Colombia, with a particular interest in the history of consumption and legal culture. Her latest publications include, “Foreign Machetes and Cheap Cotton Cloth: Popular Consumers and Imported Commodities in Nineteenth- Century Colombia.” Hispanic American Historical Review 97, n. ° 3 (2017): 423-256, awarded the prize for Best Article – Nineteenth Century Section by the Latin American Studies association (LASA) and ‘This mixed species of population will consume’: Atlantic expectations about Spanish American consumers on the Age of Revolutions, 1780-1831’, Journal of Latin American Studies (forthcoming).