Innovation and Enterprise: Add Impact to your Research

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change

Welcome & Introduction
Dr Fiona Story, University Relationship Manager Isis Innovation

Setting the Scene – Innovation and Enterprise as an Oxford Researcher
Professor Malcolm McCulloch, Serial Inventor & Entrepreneur
Professor McCulloch will give a highly engaging and interactive session, based on his extensive
experience in ventures such as YASA Motors, Navetas and Kepler Energy, on the fundamental questions to
think about when considering starting a business venture.

Inventions, Business Ideas and Technology Transfer
Dr Andrew Bowen & Dr Christine Whyte – Senior Isis Technology Transfer Managers
Inside IP and spin-out creation – Dr Andrew Bowen and Dr Christine Whyte will discuss why we patent
inventions and give you a step-by-step guide to the world of patenting and the resources available within
Isis to help researchers, including how patents are written and used in a commercial setting. Christine will
also look at other forms of IP, in particular copyright and software along with ideas for businesses and
how these are put to use in a surge of new start-ups from the Isis Software Incubator.

How can I develop my ideas further?
Dr Anne Miller – Enterprise Programme Manager,
Leah Thompson – Enterprising Oxford Portal Manager & James Murray – Oxford Launchpad Curator
Giving an overview of the support that is available in the university and beyond, Anne will introduce the
new Enterprise training programme that she has developed for MPLS, alongside a demonstration of the
Enterprising Oxford portal by its curator, Leah. Both of them are working collaboratively with James at
the Oxford Launchpad, based at the Said Business School, who will share some highlights of the
activities which take place every week throughout the year.

From Oxford researcher to Oxford start-up, the MeVitae story
Riham Satti, CEO and Founder of MeVitae
Riham Satti is a clinical neuroscientist turned entrepreneur from Oxford University. Having co-founded
MeVitae (a cognitive recruiting platform that makes personalised hiring decisions) from the ground up,
Riham will share her journey including key insights, tips and tricks from her tech-start up diary.
One not to miss!

Life in a spin-out, the real deal
Dr Michalis Papadakis, CEO Brainomix
Dr Michalis Papadakis is a co-founder of Brainomix, having moved into the company from his academic
post as Scientic Director of the Laboratory of Cerebral Ischaemia at the University of Oxford. Michalis
will describe what it’s really like to move from academia into the commercial world of the healthcare
sector. How did the company form their commercial strategy and consider IP, when the company is
founded on software? How do you add to and develop your software and IP portfolio? Michalis will
discuss these elements whilst describing how the company has successfully developed and grown.