Exploring AI as a tool for teaching and learning: Lessons from ChatGPT and others

Online via Teams

A session for academics who want to integrate AI tools into their teaching and research.

Please note this is a repeat of a session held on Friday 24 February.

To respond to the increased level of interest in generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT, the Centre for Teaching and Learning is offering a free online session for all Oxford staff looking at how these tools can be used in practice.

The focus of the session is to look at how ChatGPT can be used for very practical legitimate purposes.

Find out more about the session at ctl.ox.ac.uk/event/exploring-ai-as-a-tool-for-teaching-and-learning-lessons-from-chatgpt-and-others.

You may also like to read the Centre’s article, Four lessons from ChatGPT: Challenges and opportunities for educators at ctl.ox.ac.uk/article/four-lessons-from-chatgpt-challenges-and-opportunities-for-educators.