When Does the Great Game End? Long Term Geostrategic Trajectories of the Russian War Against Ukraine

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This session examines the future direction of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from a strategic point of view. It draws on conceptual tools to understand the character of this conflict but also ways to analyse future challenges and geostrategic consequences. The session makes use of history, concepts, and strategic analysis techniques. It is does not concentrate on the tactical analyses which currently dominate the media and defence analytical community, but instead focusses on the global reactions over the longer term and offer context to current and likely future trajectories. The session will offer some insight into the UK’s leading role in its support for Ukraine and the ‘inside view’ of the UK government.

Dr Rob Johnson is the Director of the newly established Secretary of State’s Office of Net Assessment and Challenge (SONAC) at the Ministry of Defence.  He will return as Director of the Oxford Changing Character of War Centre in 2024.  He has advised and delivered direct support to government and armed forces in defence and security matters, including the United States, Europe and Australia.