Planning for Climate Change Conference

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change

The 3rd London Planning for Climate Change Conference will once again take place at South Bank University London on the 21st December 2015. It promises to be a great day, with up to 15 Speakers and 100 delegates coming together to discuss a range of key issues relating to Climate Change Adaptation Strategies, Polices to Mitigate against the negative effects of Climate Changes and also to look at a number of innovative case studies that aim to promote Sustainable Communities and Economies within the context of an increasingly changing climate.

Details of how to book a place as a Speaker or Delegate at the event can be found at the ‘Book Now Page’. However, in summary the cost to attend as a Delegate/Speaker is £250 plus VAT or if you are a Researcher/Student the Reduced Delegate/Speaker Fee is £125 plus VAT. If you do want to book a Place/Speaker and would rather making a booking via email as opposed to our Online Booking Page please just email here us here with your requirements.

On Sunday 20th December 2015 at 7.00 pm we will be having drinks at the Round House Pub, Garrick Street, Central London for delegates and speakers if you are already in London the day before the Conference.