15-minute cities: Can they work for everyone?

The Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation Public Seminar series brings together members of the public, researchers and practitioners interested and engaged in urban health issues. The principal aim of the series is to provoke debate and constructive action, linking current best practice in urban development with emerging areas of health research.

As we launch the European-funded “ENACT 15-minute city” research project, we have invited four speakers connected with ENACT, to pitch their perspectives on “15-minute cities: Can they work for everyone?” The speakers will give their views from practice, policy and research on the potentials and challenges of the 15-minute city concept.


Professor Tim Jones, Professor of Sustainable Urban Mobility, Oxford Brookes University

Julia Thrift, Director, Healthier Place-Making, Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA)

Cllr Louise Upton, Oxford City Councillor for Walton Manor, Cabinet Member for Planning and Healthier Communities

Professor Richard Dunning, Professor of Land Economy and Housing, University of Liverpool