Book Launch: Multinational Enterprises and the Law

The Oxford Business and Human Rights Network and the SOAS School of Law invite you to the launch of the third edition of the seminal book ‘Multinational Enterprises and the Law’ (Oxford University Press, 2021) by Professor Peter Muchlinski (with a contribution from Dr Ebbe Rogge). The study is the only comprehensive, contemporary, and interdisciplinary account of the techniques used to regulate multinational enterprises (MNEs) at the national, regional, and multilateral levels. In addition, it considers the effects of corporate self-regulation, and the impact of civil society and community groups upon the development of the legal order in this area. The book was first published in 1995 and has been thoroughly revised and updated for this third edition, making it a definitive reference work for students, researchers, and practitioners of international economic law, business, corporate and commercial law, development studies, and international politics. Among other issues, the book examines the social dimension of MNE regulation covering labour rights, human rights, and environmental issues. This panel discussion will focus on the evolution of the business and human rights debate over the last two decades and discuss the risks, challenges, and opportunities businesses face in the evolving regulatory landscape. Authors of the book will be joined by Professor John Ruggie (Harvard Kennedy School of Government); Professor Barnali Choudhury (UCL); Professor Surya Deva (City University of Hong Kong); Rae Lindsay (Clifford Chance); John Morrison (Institute for Human Rights and Business); James Zhan (UNCTAD). Scott Newton (SOAS School of Law) will open the launch with a welcome speech. Attendees will receive a discount code for ordering the book following the event.