Scoping interventions: a systems approach | IFSTAL workshop 2

Workshop 2 – Scoping interventions: a systems approach is built around the contents of Unit 2 (which can be found on the Online Portal: The aim of Unit 2’s workshop is to introduce you to a framework we think is useful for systematically analysing interventions in problem situations. This framework comes from the ‘Soft System Methodology’ school of thinking and is a mnemonic called BATWOVE. It stands for Beneficiaries, Actors, Transformation, Worldview, Owner(s), Victims and Environmental Constraints.

This framework is strongly linked to the SSM methods we taught at Unit 1’s workshop, and is often used as a next step and a way to think through possible interventions in the system.

IFSTAL is a HEFCE-funded, interactive programme designed to improve postgraduate level knowledge and understanding of the food system and systems thinking. IFSTAL is free and voluntary and provides added value to postgraduate training across the University of Oxford (as well the four partner institutions Reading, Warwick, City and LSHTM/RVC/SOAS). Find out more on the IFSTAL website

The programme is open to all postgraduate students across the University and this year undergraduate students are also invited to participate on request – undergraduate students should write to me with a short note (~50 words) about how you think the IFSTAL programme can be beneficial to you.