Research in Focus: Tackling traumatic injuries in resource-limited settings

Traumatic injuries disproportionately affect resource-limited countries, with 90% of both injuries and injury-related deaths occurring in LMICs. While we have seen global responses to pandemics such as HIV and, more recently, COVID-19, traumatic injuries account for around 11% of the current Global Burden of Disease, and nearly 5 million deaths per year. Despite being one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and with an annual increase in debilitating injuries, not enough is being done to address this pandemic.
In this webinar, The Global Health Network brings together experts in injury to share their experiences of conducting research in resource-limited settings. Participants will learn how to navigate practical research challenges facing those conducting injury research, and conduct high quality research.
Speaker 1: Dr Michael von Bertele
Title: Military Medical vs Humanitarian Capability in Conflict settings
Speaker 2: Cristiane Andrade
Title: Health Impacts of Violence