Launch of the Corruption, Integrity and Trust Research Group with Guest Speaker Dr. Jesus Estanislao

The Corruption, Integrity and Trust Research Group is a new initiative led by the Building Integrity Programme, which aims to bring together researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, who research corruption, public integrity and trust in public institutions. Our objective is to foster collaboration across research departments as well as to promote the sharing of experiences drawn from time spent researching these fields. It is our hope that through ongoing participation in this research group, we will build up a strong collaborative network of researchers dedicated to improving the quality of public institutions.

Our inaugural event will begin with a brief introduction by participants about their research interests. We will then hear from our distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Jesus Estanislao, former Finance Minister of the Philippines, Founding Chairman of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia and 2013 winner of the Hernando de Soto Award for Democracy. Dr. Estanislao has worked extensively in both practice and academia on improving governance and addressing corruption in the Philippines.