Can Resource Prosperity be Shared?

Consistently delivering shared prosperity and sustainable growth from resource extraction remains elusive. Central governments, multi – national corporations, NGOs and local communities all over the world have considerable hopes, expectations, and fears about the immediate and long-term consequences of mining, gas, and oil in their regions. Discussed as the resource curse, social investment, national development, and more – the extractives industries hold a particularly large share of the hopes for facilitating economic transformation and the responsibilities of protecting environmental sustainability. Sharing resource prosperity is not only about managing the revenues of major extractive projects, but also managing the impacts and opportunities in the larger social and environmental systems from which they draw resources such as water and labour. This project asks key questions which will be discussed with the panel:
How can social investments achieve and sustain impacts at scale?
Can we reduce groundwater risks for growth and development?
Can we reduce environmental damage through smarter analysis?

Panelists from:
International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)
Anglo American
Synergy Global
Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, School of Geography and the Environment.