Daibetes Disease Day

9.15am Welcome and Coffee
9.30-10.00 Prof John Todd : Keynote speaker : Genes to Clinic in type 1 diabetes
10.00-10.20 Jamie Inshaw : Genetic analyses in type 1 diabetes
10.20-10.40 Ricardo Ferreira : Simultaneous mRNA and protein quantification at the single-cell level delineates trajectories of CD4+ T-cell differentiation
10.40-11.00 Marsha Wallace : Single-cell RNA-seq reveals transcriptomic profiles of pancreatic islets and infiltrating immune cells before the onset of type 1 diabetes
11.00-11.20 Coffee break
11.20-11.50 Prof Cecilia Lindgren: Keynote speaker : Genomic Endocrinology & Metabolism – state of the art
11.50-12.10 Jason Torres: Integrating epigenetics, gene expression, and chromatin interactions to resolve effector transcripts at fine-mapped loci associated with type 2 diabetes
12.10-12.30 Laura Wittemans: The genetic underpinnings and cardio-metabolic sequelae of body fat and lean mass
12.30-12.50 Q&A discussion
12.50-1.00 Closing comments