Engaging with controversial and sensitive topics

Engaging with sensitive or controversial topics in research requires a thoughtful and strategic approach, especially when communicating with diverse audience groups.

Join us for an insightful session that aims to equip researchers with the tools needed to engage confidently and effectively with the public on controversial and sensitive topics.
In this interactive online session, Science Communicator Hana Ayoob will take us through the importance of engaging with these topics, aiming to equip researchers with the skills and knowledge to engage confidently in an empathetic and effective way.
This session is relevant to scientists across the sciences, and will explore topics ranging from the use of animals in research, to nuclear power, and topics arising from your research area.
Upon completion of the course, participants will be well-prepared to engage with sensitivity and confidence on controversial topics, contributing to a more inclusive and informed public discourse within their respective fields.
Attending this session will give you the opportunity to:
 Recognise why certain research topics are sensitive or controversial for diverse audience groups.
 Develop skills to communicate controversial topics empathetically and respectfully.
 Acquire knowledge and techniques for engaging the public on sensitive subjects.
 Understand and apply ethical considerations when addressing controversial issues with the public.
 Build confidence in communicating complex ideas related to sensitive topics.
 Explore specific controversial themes relevant to your research areas for practical application