Artificial Intelligence - Hopes and Fears

Many of the concepts of artificial intelligence date back to the last century. In the last few years, applying vast computing resources to these algorithms has led to breakthroughs in many areas. The current wave of Al applications has started with classification schemes such as image recognition or speech-to text translation. Very recently, we have witnessed a breakthrough in generative AI that allows it to not only interpret data, but also to create artifacts with surprising quality. The arrival of ChatGPT shows the capabilities of large language models that can generate texts about anything in any form, in a variety of languages. In this talk, I will walk through some of the AI technologies and will point out some of its weak points. I will then touch on some of the applications, particularly when interacting with people, that may make the application of AI not only helpful, but also threatening. Even though ‚human level‘ AI (artificial general intelligence) is still not reached, what we are observing today is a technology that has huge impacts on many aspects of life.