Global trends to 2030: Can the EU meet the challenges ahead?

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change

The recently published Report of the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) on the long-term political and economic environment facing the EU over the next 15 years will be presented at the European Studies Centre at St Antony’s College in Oxford.

You are invited to join us and our expert panellists to contribute to the debate on how the European Union and the Member States should respond to the three global revolutions identified in the Report and to raise your own questions, concerns and potential solutions to the global challenges facing the EU.

Introduction of Report by James Elles, former MEP and Honorary President of ESPAS

Presentation of Report by Anthony Teasdale, Director General of the European Parliamentary Research Service.
Panel discussion
David Blackman, Chairman of the Oxford Region Branch of the European Movement (moderator);
Hartmut Mayer on ‘the global geo-political revolution — the challenges for Europe’;
Gijs de Vries on ‘the global social and democratic revolution – the challenges for Europe’;
Graham Avery on ‘the global economic and technological revolution – the challenges for Europe’.

Question and answer session.

Date & time: Friday 20 November at 7.30 p.m.
Venue: European Studies Centre at St Antony’s College
70 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HR
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